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Science Fiction Novels

License to Ensorcell
DAW (U.S.) Coming February 2011
U.S. Cover

HarperCollins (U.K.), January 2003, ISBN 0-002-24617-1 (hardcover)
Voyager (U.K.) 2004, ISBN 000648039X (paperback)
TOR (U.S.), April 2003, ISBN 0-312-89045-1 (hardcover)
TOR (U.S.) 2004 ISBN 0-812-55174-5 (paperback)
U.K. Cover
U.S. Cover

Polar City Nightmare
Katharine Kerr and Kate Daniel
Orion, 2001, 1-857-98783-7 (trade paperback)
2001, 0-575-06860-4 (paperback)
Millennium, 2000, 0-575-06859-0
2001, ISBN 0-575-06860-4 (paperback)


Tor Books, 1995, ISBN 0-312-89044-3 (hardcover)
1996, 0-812-55173-7 (paperback)

Katharine Kerr and Mark Kreighbaum
BantamSpectra, 1996 ISBN 0-553-57373-X
HarperCollins, 1996 ISBN 0-006-48263-5, 0-002-24642-2
1997 ISBN 0-002-24643-0 (trade paper)
HarperCollins Voyager ISBN 0-006-48263-5 (paperback)

Bantam Books, 1992 ISBN 0-553-29834-8 (paperback)
Limited signed edition:
Axolotl Press, 1992 ISBN 1-56146-121-0 (hardcover)


Polar City Blues
Bantam Spectra 1990 ISBN 0-553-28504-1 (paperback)
Grafton Books 1991 ISBN 0-246-13556-5 (cased)
ISBN 0-246-13724-X (trade paper)
HarperCollins Voyager ISBN 0-586-20789-9 (paperback)

Short Pieces

Its Own Reward in Whatdunnits I
Editor: Mike Resnick DAW Books, 1992

Parsley, Space, Rosemary, and Time in Aladdin: Master of the Lamp
Editor: Mike Resnick DAW Books 1992 ISBN 0-886-77454-0 (paperback)

One Small Detail in Mage's Blood and Old Bones
Flying Buffalo Press, 1992

The Skull's Tale in Dinosaur Fantastic
Editor: Mike Resnick, DAW, 1993 ISBN 0-886-77566-3 (paperback)

Cui Bono? in Alternate Outlaws, 1994
Editor: Mike Resnick, Tor

Giant Trouble in Witch Fantastic, 1994
Editor: Mike Resnick DAW ISBN 0-886-77640-6 (paperback)

The Bargain in Sisters in Fantasy I
Editor: Susan Shwartz, ROC books 1995
This is a Deverry story, but I've written so few short pieces that I want to list it anyway.

The Wellspring in Return to Avalon
Editor: Jennifer Roberson DAW 1996 ISBN 0-886-77679-1

Pulphouse Press and Bantam Books, 1992
(A novella containing material that later became part of Freezeframes.)

Maternal Instincts
Midnight Zoo volume 1 number 6 1991 Jon L. Herron


I've edited three short story anthologies with Martin H. Greenberg. These are:

Weird Tales from Shakespeare
DAW, 1994, ISBN 0-886-77605-8 (paperback)
DAW Collectors number 956
Table of Contents

Enchanted Forests
DAW, 1995, ISBN 0-886-77672-4
DAW Collectors number 1009
Table of Contents

The Shimmering Door
HarperPrism USA 1995 ISBN 0-312-89044-3 (hardcover)
1996 ISBN 0-812-55173-7
Sorceries HarperCollins Voyager Books 1997 ISBN 0-006-48226-0
HarperPrism 1996 ISBN 0-061-05342-2 (trade paper)

Essays and Articles

Pandering, Evasions, And Target Practice
Amazing Stories January 1989

The Hedgehog's Lair
Midnight Zoo volume 1 number 6 1991

A Conversation With Myself
Midnight Zoo volume 1 number 4 1991

From the Hedgehog's Lair
Midnight Zoo volume 2 number 1 1992

Katharine Kerr Has Something Nasty in the Closet
Wordsmiths of Wonder, Interview with Stan Nicholls, Orbit 1993 ISBN 1-85723-148-1

I owe Brook and Julia West a lot of thanks for scanning the various covers of my books and turning them into GIFs.

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