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Coming soon! The first volume of Katharine Kerr's new Urban Fantasy series, License to Ensorcell, will be out from DAW Books in mass market paperback on February 1st, 2011.

Agents Nola O'Grady and Ari Nathan have their hands full of danger when they track down a psychotic killer who turns out not to be the loner he at first seems to be. She works for a psychic agency so secret that even the CIA doesn't know it exists. A veteran of the Israeli army and a weapons expert on loan from Interpol, he finds her as interesting as the job they're working on together. And then there's Nola's family -- her very peculiar family, who keep turning up at the wrong time in all the wrong places. Especially important is her teenage brother Michael, who lays aside his misguided desire to become a werewolf only to discover he has the most peculiar wild talent in the entire clan.

Nola and Ari's second adventure, Water to Burn, will appear in August, 2011.

Read an excerpt fromLicense to Ensrocell or go here to see the cover.

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